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Environmentally hazardous product waste

Lead-acid automotive batteries
The main part of lead-acid batteries is the lead plates or electrodes that are located in several sections that are filled with electrolyte (liquid that moves electricity) and diluted acid. Positive plate is lead dioxide and negative plate is spongy lead-plates. The voltage of one fully charged section without load is 2.1 volts that is usually rounded off to 2 V. This voltage is also called electric power (EP). If there are six sections in a row (they can be called cells) then the EP of such a battery is 12 V. Additionally a battery section contains separators – acid-resistant and liquid-pervious partition walls that separate the opposite terminals.
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Used small lead-acid batteries (alarms, UPS, etc.)
(alarms, UPS, etc.)
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Prices in Riga
Copper 95%
6,85 €/kg
HMS 1&2 iron scrap 3A
265,00 €/MT
Brass, Ebony grade scrap
4.80 €/kg
Aluminium wheels TROMA
1,8 €/kg
Aluminium Taint/Tabor
1,30 €/kg
Used car batteries
0.65 €/kg
Used small lead-acid batteries (alarms, UPS, etc.)
0.35 €/kg
Elmo grade electric motors scrap MIX
0.780 €/kg
Car harness wire with copper
3,00 €/kg
Environmentally hazardous product waste – automotive lead batteries, automotive Nickel - Cadmium batteries, electrical batteries