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Scrap metal collection and container service

Call us + 371 28803607 for costs and container options, and we will agree upon the place and time where collection is needed.

Vehicle up to 3.5t - DAF with manipulator

Vehicle up to 11t - VOLVO or SCANIA

Vehicle up to 19t - VOLVO or SCANIA with a trailer

We offer to provide containers to store all kinds of scrap metal and used batteries to companies that have such waste resulting from their operation. Containers will be delivered and positioned upon request. For more information please call +371 28803607.
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Vehicle up to 11 t
Vehicle up to 11 t
Vehicle up to 3.5 t
Prices in Riga
Copper 95%
7,10 €/kg
HMS 1&2 iron scrap 3A
275,00 €/MT
Brass, Ebony grade scrap
4.60 €/kg
Aluminium wheels TROMA
1,90 €/kg
Aluminium Taint/Tabor
1,50 €/kg
Used car batteries
0.65 €/kg
Used small lead-acid batteries (alarms, UPS, etc.)
0.35 €/kg
Elmo grade electric motors scrap MIX
0.82 €/kg
Car harness wire with copper
3,00 €/kg
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