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About the company

Our main fields of activity are collection, processing and recycling of coloured and black scrap metal, environmentally hazardous product waste, used cars, and their shipment for processing outside. Secondary resource collection and recycling has a diverse and socially significant meaning.
It is essential to collect secondary recourses by means of protecting environment from contamination and, secondly, to recycle these materials into economically usable products. Our scrap metal collection warehouses are located in these Latvian cities: Riga and Jekabpils.
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Prices in Riga
Copper 95%
7,10 €/kg
HMS 1&2 iron scrap 3A
275,00 €/MT
Brass, Ebony grade scrap
4.60 €/kg
Aluminium wheels TROMA
1,90 €/kg
Aluminium Taint/Tabor
1,50 €/kg
Used car batteries
0.65 €/kg
Used small lead-acid batteries (alarms, UPS, etc.)
0.35 €/kg
Elmo grade electric motors scrap MIX
0.82 €/kg
Car harness wire with copper
3,00 €/kg
We buy all grades of scrap metals. Attractive prices! We accept your deliveries on our yard or can pick up scrap at your place!