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We carry out not only purchasing of various black and coloured scrap metal, various kinds of batteries, from natural and legal persons at our branch that is located in Riga,
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Prices in Riga
Copper 95%
6,85 €/kg
HMS 1&2 iron scrap 3A
265,00 €/MT
Brass, Ebony grade scrap
4.80 €/kg
Aluminium wheels TROMA
1,8 €/kg
Aluminium Taint/Tabor
1,30 €/kg
Used car batteries
0.65 €/kg
Used small lead-acid batteries (alarms, UPS, etc.)
0.35 €/kg
Elmo grade electric motors scrap MIX
0.780 €/kg
Car harness wire with copper
3,00 €/kg
SANEKSS METĀLS Ltd. offers the following services – purchase of scrap metal, transportation services, container exchange services, dismantling services